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Russia constantly attacks Ukraine cities from the air. People have to hide in the basements, sometimes for hours straight.

Air-raid sirens warn Ukrainians to stay in shelters because of the possible attack. We collect real-time data to make the scale of the suffering visible.

Past 24 hours

Time Ukrainians spent sheltering today

Number of people who had to hide from air strikes


0% of all regions in Ukraine


Since the war started, Ukrainians had to hide


of the time

All siren alerts


avg. 57 sirens a day

Help Ukraine

Donate money directly to one of the most trustworthy Ukrainian funds, Come Back Alive. You can check their Instagram and Twitter accounts to see where the money goes. Even a small donation can make a big impact.


You can also help Ukraine by raising awareness among your friends, attending the rallies in support of Ukraine, or simply spreading the information.

Stand with Ukraine

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